"Awesome night. You put on a fantastic event and your place is a seriously cool party venue! Looking forward to the next one :-)"


"I just wanted to say, that I cannot express enough what a beautiful group of people you all are. I'm so happy to have finally met the kind of people I've always wanted in my life, so that I can live as my true self and not have to filter or hide anything from those I spend time with. The values and morals you possess in regards to relationships and how you treat others, is rare (unfortunately) and it should be noted how lucky we are to all have each other :) I'm really looking forward to the future events and getting to know you all more. So thank you xx"


"Absolutely brilliant. High calibre of guests, that respect boundaries and consent. You have done a fantastic job bringing likeminded people together."


"Just wanna take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity and opening up your house for others. Not many people can do that. It was an awesome night and got to meet some nice people."

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