PolyFinda Explained

Polyfinda supports polyamorous and other ethically non-monogamous people to connect with likeminded others locally and globally.

Polyfinda is free to join and search.

Credits are used to start chats, or to include your profile on the ‘hotlist’. No credits are used to receive or continue chatting or for any other activity on the app.

Every new member is given enough free credits to instigate 6 conversations and every user can earn a small number of credits the more they are logged in.

  • Is free membership not giving you the freedom you want? Click the Credits or Subscribe button to purchase a credit package.

  • Get more flexibility by signing up as a Full Member with a $10USD/month* subscription. Full members have unlimited ability to start conversations and enjoy the app free of paid advertisements.

*Costs may vary depending on your app store exchange rates and service charges.

Tips to improve your chances of a successful search result.

1) Broaden your search

If, for example, you identify as ‘Female in a Couple’ and you are searching for just a ‘Female’ you’ll only see profiles who identify as ‘Female’.

Try either editing you profile or adjusting your search filter, so you are also searching for Cis Woman, Female in a Couple and Transfemale. Consider also that you could possibly add Androgynous, Bigender, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Non-binary, Transsexual or more.

Do this by clicking “Edit Profile” then “Looking for” then ticking multiple options from the dropdown menu. Click "Done" to save these preferences (not "Back"). Alternatively, you can also click “Match & Chat” then the '3 line' search filter button. Changing your search filter values will not alter your profile preferences.

In the search filter you can also increase search radius or change your location if you are traveling.

2) Attend events  

Click the ‘Find Events’ button on the app. Use two fingers to scroll and zoom in to your location. Attending events can sometimes be a more time efficient way of finding a match.

3) Join a poly group

Click the ‘Find a Group’ button on the app. Once you are a member of a local group it’s much easier to network amongst people with similar ideas and values about ethical non-monogamy. If there are no groups in your area, then perhaps consider the possibility of founding one. Meetup.com is an excellent way to get local poly groups happing.

4) Promote the app to your trusted friends

The more people who use this app the easier is becomes to find a match. This app was founded by a local poly meetup, not a large corporation. That’s great because we can maintain the integrity of the app but it’s also difficult because we don’t have shareholder funds for promotion.

About PolyFinda.

The PolyFinda app evolved out of the growing popularity of the Melbourne Polyamorous Meetup Group. Community members frequently raised issues about their experience using online dating sites, finding like-minded friends and seeking relationship support. This inspired the development of PolyFinda; an app where users can match and chat, connect with poly-friendly therapists, and find local poly events.


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